Living in Portugal as an International Student

Studying in Portugal means living in Portugal! Education Network is here to help with both.
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Our eBook, “Living in Portugal”, is full of essential advice on making the most out of your time in Portugal. Do you know the best places to live? How to receive consular report? The best place to go skiing? Did you even know that you could ski in Portugal?

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Michelle Correia, Co-founder and COO from Education Network

We are here to provide information and support, helping you to learn everything about the international mobility experience in Portugal!

In an increasingly diverse and globalized world, acquiring new ways of looking at things are highly valued skills. Markets are increasingly integrated and having a mix of linguistic and cultural knowledge is a huge benefit when it comes to international commercial activities.

By helping and supporting anyone taking the rewarding leap to study in Portugal, we promise to make the whole process clear and simple, from beginning to end. We want to help you to embrace a new experience and make your integration and adaptation easier by building a relationship of trust and encouragement.

Table of Contents


  • Do you need to speak Portuguese in Portugal?

  • How to find a place to live in Lisbon

  • Choosing a cell phone operator in Portugal

  • How to find a doctor when studying abroad

  • Portuguese Public Transportation: How to get around Portugal

  • Best places to visit while in Portugal

  • Enjoy the amazing weather in Portugal

  • Foods you have to eat while studying in Portugal

  • Where to find embassies and consulates in Portugal